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Dharmanath Jain Temple of Mattancherry
Dharmanath Jain Temple of Mattancherry
Mattancherry is located in Kerala
Location in Kerala, India
Coordinates: 9°57′45″N 76°15′15″E / 9.96250°N 76.25417°E / 9.96250; 76.25417Coordinates: 9°57′45″N 76°15′15″E / 9.96250°N 76.25417°E / 9.96250; 76.25417
Country India
State Kerala
District Ernakulam
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 682002
Vehicle registration KL-43
Nearest city Fort Kochi

Mattancherry is a locality in the city of Kochi, India. It is about 9 km from the city center. Previously, the neighbourhood was notable for trading spices and tea. It is a tourist destination with several notable sights.


It is said that the cheri (street) full of mutton butchers gradually became muttoncheri[citation needed] which is spelled now as mattancherry. Also, it is said that the name Mattancherry comes from "Ancherry Mattom", a Namboodiri illam which the foreign traders then pronounced it as Matt-Ancherry, gradually became Mattancherry. The word cheri in Tamil "the place where group of people living together" example kalamacheri in Ernakulam and many suffix in places in tamilnadu. The sea level height of city of kochi is very low and almost wetland. wetland is called sathuppu or sathampu.


Mattancherry is a part of Ernakulam District in Kerala, India. It is a tourist destination. It is surrounded by the backwaters of Arabian Sea. Mattancherry was the first trade hub of the present district. Mattancherry is populated by people from various walks of life and various parts of India and abroad. There are people who have come and settled in Mattancherry from Goa, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and so on.

Earlier, Mattancherry was the trade link to Ernakulam. Main trade was on spices such as pepper and turmeric. Tea is also traded. Mattancherry deteriorated mainly since the porters working at various firms had some unaccounted trouble with the merchants. Slowly, the traders moved to Ernakulam as Mattancherry proved to be costly.


Mattancherry assembly constituency is part of Ernakulam (Lok Sabha constituency).[1]

Notable sights[edit]

Dharmanath Jain Temple, dedicated to Shri Dharmanath, the 15th Jain Tirthankar, is another religious institution of Mattancherry. Built in 1960, the temple complex is sprawled over a large area with various blocks constructed for prayers and as places for offerings. The architecture of the temple is inspired by the Jain temples of Gujarat. As the temple completed 100 years, it was recently officially granted the ‘teerth’ status, and as part of the celebrations, renovation and restoration work of the temple was carried out. The temple is made of marbles, and there are beautiful carved structures in the temple. It is open to all the communities.

Mattancherry is also home to the Paradesi Synagogue (India's oldest functioning synagogue),[2] Mattancherry Palace Museum, Mattacherry Pazhayannur Royal temple and Palliarakkavvu temple, Ram Mandir, Gowd Saraswat Brahmin samaj temples including the Venkatraman temple and a Jain Temple (known as MahajanWadi to locals) and Mosques. Mattancherry Palace Museum hosts different weapons such as swords, spears and various other artilleries such as cannon used to protect the borders from invaders in the historic ages. The museum also hosts various paintings and murals.

Mattancherry is famous for having "Jew Town" in its heart. This is a historical part of India, where the ancient Jews started their trading. This neighborhood is now famous for antique showrooms. Jew Palace and the Jewish synagogue are two famous landmarks.



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