Matteo Zane

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Matteo Zane
Patriarch of Venice
ChurchRoman Catholic
Appointed27 August 1601
Term ended25 July 1605
PredecessorLorenzo Priuli
SuccessorFrancesco Vendramin
Ordination8 September 1601
by Agostino Valier
Consecration28 Oct 1601
by Pope Clement VIII
Personal details
Died27 July 1605

Matteo Zane (died 25 July 1605) was the Patriarch of Venice from 1600 to 1605.


Prior to his election as Patriarch Zane had served the government of Venice. He had been ambassador or holder of similar office to Urbino, Portugal, Spain, Austria and the Ottoman Empire. In the case of the Ottoman Empire he held the office of Bailo in Constantinople, which was considered the key position in the Venetian foreign service. The bailo acted as both ambassador and consul, not only representing the political interests of Venice but seeking the protection and stability of Venice's merchants in Constantinople. He also supervised all other consuls of Venice throughout the Ottoman Empire. While serving as Bailo Zane expanded the number of consuls under his direction from nine to 10.

Zane lacked the degree in either theology or canon law mandated by the Council of Trent. Negotiations by Venice got this requirement waived and managed to postpone Zane's examination on theology by the Pope and panel of cardinals, as required of all Italian bishops at that time, until 1601. Zane was able to pass the examination at that time.


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