Matthes Crest

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Matthes Crest
Matthes crest yosemite backcountry view from west side.jpg
Matthes crest from the west side.
Highest point
Elevation 10,923 ft (3,329 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Prominence 278 ft (85 m) [1]
Parent peak Echo Ridge
Coordinates 37°49′24″N 119°23′51″W / 37.823259°N 119.3973791°W / 37.823259; -119.3973791Coordinates: 37°49′24″N 119°23′51″W / 37.823259°N 119.3973791°W / 37.823259; -119.3973791[2]
Parent range Cathedral Range, Sierra Nevada
Topo map USGS Tenaya Lake
Age of rock Cretaceous
Mountain type Granite arête
First ascent 1931 by Jules Eichorn, Glen Dawson and Walter Brem[3]
Easiest route Rock climb class 5.7[4]

Matthes Crest is an approximately mile-long fin of rock with two summits separated by a deep notch. It is a part of the Cathedral Range, which is a mountain range in the south-central portion of Yosemite National Park. The range is part of the Sierra Nevada.

History and Geology[edit]

Matthes crest is named for François E. Matthes, a cartographer and author who described the geology in the region where Matthes Crest lies. It was originally named "Echo Ridge" due to its proximity to the Echo Peaks.[5] Matthes crest arose as a nunatak in the glacial field which covered Tuolumne during the last ice age.[6]


The first known ascent of Matthes Crest was by Jules Eichorn, Glen Dawson, and Walter Brem on June 16, 1931.[3] Climbing Matthes Crest by traversing the ridge from south to north is a popular alpine climbing activity today.[7]

Matthes Crest
Matthes Crest from the west side 
Matthes Crest from the north east side 


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