Matthew's Ridge

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Matthew's Ridge
Matthew's Ridge is located in Guyana
Matthew's Ridge
Matthew's Ridge
Location in Guyana
Coordinates: 7°30′N 60°10′W / 7.500°N 60.167°W / 7.500; -60.167Coordinates: 7°30′N 60°10′W / 7.500°N 60.167°W / 7.500; -60.167
Country Flag of Guyana.svg Guyana
Region Barima-Waini

Matthew's Ridge is a small town within the Barima-Waini administrative region of Guyana. It is located at 7°30′N 60°10′W / 7.500°N 60.167°W / 7.500; -60.167.


During the 1960s, Matthews Ridge was being considered as a potential area in which to relocate the capital city of Guyana. During that same era, it was the location of a large manganese mining operation. After being closed for many years, it has recently been reopened by Reunion Manganese Incorporated.


Matthews Ridge lies in the North-West district of Guyana. It is located in Region 1 of Guyana, also known as the Barima-Waini region.


The area experiences an annual shift between rainy and dry seasons. Average temperature ranges between 80-100'F.


The population of Matthews Ridge is under 1,000 persons, and is composed mainly of black and Amerindian persons. Carib is the language spoken by the local Amerindian people. With the closing of the manganese mining operation in the 1970s, the town went into an economic downturn, which it struggled to recover from for many years. The re-opening of the manganese mining operation by Reunioun Manganese Incorporated recently created a number of jobs. Otherwise, gold mining is the basis for most other jobs in the area.


The local nursery and primary schools can accommodate students through Grade 9. Children have the option to attend secondary school in Port Kaituma if affordable for further educational opportunities.


The infrastructure of the town is elementary. Cell-phone service is available. Electric current is not provided by the government in Matthew's Ridge, but a number of residents own generators which provide them with electricity. Goods are brought into Matthews Ridge from Georgetown, and Port Kaituma.