Matthew Bennett (TV producer)

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Matthew Bennett
Other names Matt Bennett
Occupation Television director
Television producer
Former stage actor
Years active 1986–2003 (actor)
2004–present (director/producer)
Spouse(s) Dorrie Joiner (?–1999; her death)
Marsha Dietlein

Matthew "Matt" Bennett is an American television producer and director and former Broadway stage actor.



From 1986 until 2003, Bennett was an actor in New York City.[1] He made a career on the New York stage in the original productions of Floyd Collins,[2] Titanic,[3] Blood Brothers,[3] Zara Spook and Other Lures,[4] Amour, Radio Gals,[5] Anne Bogart's Marathon Dancing,[6] and the original off-Broadway (Sullivan Street) production of The Fantasticks.

Bennett created the musical stage play, Ten Years Apart,[7][8] as well as the play Badger Country, both with writing partner Sean McCourt.[9]


Bennett is the founder of the television and film production company, Silent Crow Arts. He has served as Executive Producer, director and showrunner on a wide range of network and cable television specials, pilots and series, most notably with the creation of the first modern "after show" television format: theDeadliest Catch partner series, After The Catch,[10] for Discovery Channel.

In addition to performing on stage and in film, Bennett also acted in roles for television's Law & Order, Law and Order SVU, and Remember WENN.

Partial Filmography[edit]

Television director[edit]

Television producer[edit]



The theatrical production Ten Years Apart in which Bennett also starred, was created by Bennett and his partner Sean McCourt. St. Paul Pioneer Press called the production "Innovative, but ultimately ineffective," noting that its stars (Matthew Bennett and Sean McCourt) "are both adept musicians, highly adaptable actors and solid singers. Their resumes show accomplishment, and they're both gifted and versatile enough to enjoy good strong careers."[7] The Cincinnati Enquirer called the musical "a wrenching tale of a full life," and said, "Some musicals offer nothing more than an excuse to come in out of the rain. But this play put a hand on my heart... The play got to me. Tears. Hard swallows. Long thoughts."[12]

Personal life[edit]

Bennett was married to actress Dorrie Joiner until her early death in 1999.[12][13]
He is now married to actress Marsha Dietlein Bennett.[14]


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