Matthew Bright

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Matthew Bright
Born (1952-06-08) June 8, 1952 (age 65)
United States
Other names Toshiro Boloney
Occupation Producer, film director, writer, actor
Years active 1978–present

Matthew Bright (born June 8, 1952) is an American film director, writer and actor.[1]

His first noted credits were as writer and actor in the 1980 film Forbidden Zone, portraying the twins Squeezit and René Henderson.[1] The film includes his two masochistic characters living in a garbage can, spit on, raped and tortured in an alternate dimension's kingdom and decapitated by Satan (played by Danny Elfman). Bright was credited as Toshiro Boloney.

He grew up with writer/director Richard Elfman and his brother, composer Danny Elfman.

Matthew Bright is notable for directing and writing the 1996 exploitation film Freeway and its 1999 direct-to-video sequel.



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