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Matthew Howard Dunn (born 25 November 1968) was briefly a British intelligence officer and MI6 field officer, and is now (since 2011) a spy novelist.[1] According to his publicists his brief spell in the intelligence services included significant experiences with highly specialized units of the British SAS and SBS as well as joint-operations with MI5, GCHQ, the CIA, and BND. His fiction is notable for its mastery of a full range of details relating to contemporary espionage – organisations, acronyms, and weaponry – all up-to-date.



Dunn read Politics and Economics at the University of East Anglia before taking a PhD in International Relations from the University of Cambridge.


As a member of SIS (the Secret Intelligence Service) — known as MI6 — for 5 years, Dunn recruited, ran and debriefed agents, coordinated and participated in special operations, and acted in deep-cover deployments throughout the world. He operated in hostile environments, where, if compromised and captured, he could have been executed. He was trained in all aspects of intelligence collection and direct action, including small-arms, explosives, military unarmed combat, surveillance, anti-surveillance, counter-surveillance, advanced driving, and infiltration and exfiltration techniques and covert communications. (Medals are never awarded to modern MI6 officers, but Dunn was the recipient of a rare personal commendation from the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs for work he did on one mission, which was deemed so significant that it directly influenced the successful conclusion of a major international incident.) According to his publicity agents, Dunn conducted approximately 70 missions during his time in MI6 – all of them successful.



  • Spycatcher (2011), William Morrow
  • Sentinel: A Spycatcher Novel (2012), William Morrow
  • Slingshot: A Spycatcher Novel (2013), William Morrow
  • Counter Spy: A Spycatcher Novella (2014), William Morrow
  • Dark Spies: A Spycatcher Novel (2014), William Morrow
  • The recruit: A Spycatcher Novel (2014), William Morrow
  • A Soldier's Revenge: A Will Cochrane Novel (2016), William Morrow


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