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Matthew Faughnan is an animation director with The Simpsons and has directed five episodes. Prior to that, he was an assistant director with the show and won an Emmy award in 2003 for "Three Gays of the Condo".

Episodes of The Simpsons directed by Faughnan[edit]

Season 18[edit]

Stop, or My Dog Will Shoot!
Treehouse of Horror 17 - co-directed with David Silverman (as Malicious Matthew C. Faughnan)

Season 20[edit]

Dangerous Curves

Season 21[edit]

The Great Wife Hope

Season 22[edit]

Loan-a Lisa

Season 23[edit]

Treehouse of Horror 22

Season 24[edit]

The Day the Earth Stood Cool

Season 25[edit]

Labor Pains

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