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Matthew Géczy (born August 23, 1964 in the state of Georgia) is an American movie and television actor, voice actor and voice director based in Paris, France. He has acted in several films for television and cinema, with directors such as Brian De Palma and Thomas Vinterberg. He has been a voice actor in advertising campaigns, documentaries, video games, internet media and in the field of animation. He has provided voices for productions such as Code Lyoko, Casper's Scare School, Ratatouille, and Persepolis. He played a voice acting role in video games such as Rayman 2, Kya: Dark Lineage and XIII . He has also worked as the voice director for numerous animated television series including the Children's BAFTA-nominated series Eliot Kid (BBC, ABC Australia, Cartoon Network), Mouk (Disney Junior), I.N.K. Invisible Network of Kids (Pop, ABC Australia), Season 2 of Casper's Scare School (Cartoon Network (US)), and is currently in production for Season 2 of The Mysterious Cities of Gold and The New Adventures of Lassie for DreamWorks Classics.[1]


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