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Matthew Mayfield
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Background information
Born April 9, 1983 (33)
Origin Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Genres Rock, Acoustic
Labels Unsigned
Associated acts Moses Mayfield

Matthew Mayfield is an American singer-songwriter from Birmingham, Alabama. Originally the lead singer in the group Moses Mayfield, which disbanded in 2008,[1] Matthew has moved on to a solo career. He announced the release of his debut EP, titled The Fire EP on August 25, 2008.[2]

Not long after the band broke up, lead singer Matthew Mayfield started playing shows centered on the Birmingham, AL area, usually solo acoustic but occasionally with a new backing band. Within a year, he independently released an album of acoustic songs, including acoustic versions of songs that previously appeared on The Inside. He also revealed that Moses Mayfield called it quits mainly due to disagreements with the record label, as well as some members deciding they wanted to leave the band due to these disagreements. A combination of those two items led to the sudden break-up.

Between 2009 and 2010, Matthew released 5 additional EPs (each one with a free song) : "Five Chances Remain Hers" on July 27, 2009,[3] "Maybe Next Christmas" on December 21, 2009,[4] "Breathe Out In Black" on February 9, 2010,[5] "Man-Made Machines" on March 16, 2010,[6] and "You're Not Home" on April 17, 2010.[7] After the 2010 SXSW Music and Media Conference, the music analytics website Next Big Sound ranked Matthew at No. 6 in its top ten list of the artists with the fastest growing buzz at the event.[8]

In 2010, Mayfield independently released his first full-length studio album, "Now You're Free." The album broke the Top 20 charts in the iTunes rock category in the first week. Since that time, he began a heavy touring schedule with a full band, and a newer—more polished rock sound. With the release of the album, Mayfield has toured with such artists as Needtobreathe and Will Hoge. Several of the tracks of "Now You're Free" have been featured on MTV's Teen Mom, as well as The CW's Ringer.

In January 2012, Mayfield released on Facebook that he was in the recording studio and set to release his second full-length studio album on May 29, 2012. He has asked fans to go to a website named PledgeMusic to pledge money towards the recording and distribution of his new album; where he also gives updates on his new songs and the album. The new album was named "A Banquet for Ghosts".

In February 2015, Mayfield released his third full-length studio album, "Wild Eyes".



Independent releases:

  • The Fire EP (2008)
  1. Seasons In Our Dreams
  2. Dead To You (free song [9])
  3. By Your Side
  4. The Devil Within
  5. First In Line
  6. Razorblade
  7. Element
  8. As Long As You're Not Leaving
  • Five Chances Remain Hers (2009)
  1. Open Road
  2. Her Name Was December
  3. Lives Entwined
  4. Timeless Art
  5. Better
  6. Wrapped In Rain
  • Maybe Next Christmas (2009)
  1. Maybe Next Christmas (free song [10])
  2. So Long, So Long
  3. Her Name Was December
  4. Better (Kensington Rd. Sessions) (free song [10])
  5. Fact or Fable (Kensington Rd. Sessions)
  6. Old Friend
  7. Virginia Gray
  • Breathe Out In Black (2010)
  1. Can't Change My Mind (free song [11])
  2. Simple
  3. Breathe Out In Black
  4. Ease Your Mind
  5. Revelation (Live)
  • Man-Made Machines (2010)
  1. Man-Made Machines (free song [12])
  2. Safe & Sound
  3. A Cycle
  4. Who Am I
  5. Golden Opportunity
  • You're Not Home (2010)
  1. The Last Ride
  2. Missed Me
  3. Fire Escape (free song [7])
  4. Still Alive
  5. Out on Our Own
  • Irons in the Fire (2013)
  1. In or Out
  2. Look Me in the Eye
  3. Miles & Miles
  4. Tonight (Remastered)
  5. Follow You Down
  6. Fire Escape (Catherine Marks Remix) [feat. John Paul White]
  7. Miles & Miles (Acoustic + Strings)
  8. Fire Escape (Remastered)

Studio Albums[edit]

  • Now You're Free (2011)
  1. Come Back Home
  2. Missed Me
  3. Fire Escape
  4. Man-Made Machines
  5. Now You're Free
  6. Element
  7. Ghost
  8. A Cycle
  9. Tonight
  10. Can't Change My Mind
  11. Grow Old With You
  • Now You're Free LP (2011) (Different track order)
  1. Missed Me
  2. Ghost
  3. Come Back Home
  4. Now You're Free
  5. A Cycle
  6. Grow Old With You
  7. Fire Escape
  8. Man-Made Machines
  9. Element
  10. Tonight
  11. Can't Change My Mind
  • A Banquet for Ghosts (2012)
  1. Ain't Much More To Say
  2. Take What I Can Get
  3. Cold Winds
  4. Track You Down
  5. Heart In Wire
  6. I Don't Know You At All
  7. A Banquet For Ghosts
  8. Carry Me
  9. Always Be You
  10. Beautiful
  11. Safe And Sound
  • Wild Eyes (2015)
  1. Wild Eyes
  2. Mess of a Man
  3. Better Off Forgiven
  4. Ride Away
  5. On Your Knees
  6. Why We Try (feat. Chelsea Lankes)
  7. Tidal Wave
  8. Quiet Lies
  9. How To Breathe
  10. Settle Down (feat. Amy Stroup)
  • Recoil (2016)
  1. History
  2. Raw Diamond Ring
  3. Indigo
  4. Turncoat
  5. God's Fault
  6. Warfare on Repeat
  7. Merry Go Round
  8. Wolf in Your Darkest Room
  9. Wreckage
  10. Show Me
  11. Long Way Down

Song Placements[edit]

Show Song Date Notes
Grey's Anatomy "First In Line" May 7, 2009 100th episode of Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy "Better" January 21, 2010 S06E12 - "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" - ~ 39 minutes in
Hart of Dixie "Ease Your Mind" November 14, 2011 S01E07 - "The Crush & The Crossbow" - ~ 37minutes in
Ringer "Fire Escape" November 15, 2011 S01E09 - "Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna" - ~17 minutes in
The Path "Quiet Lies" May 18, 2016 S01E09 - "A Room of One's Own" - Closing credits



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