Matthew McNair Secondary School

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Matthew McNair Secondary
9500 No. 4 Rd
Richmond, British Columbia, V7A 2Y9
Coordinates 49°08′33″N 123°06′46″W / 49.14238°N 123.11285°W / 49.14238; -123.11285Coordinates: 49°08′33″N 123°06′46″W / 49.14238°N 123.11285°W / 49.14238; -123.11285
School type High school
School board School District 38 Richmond
School number 3838044
Staff ~80
Grades 8-12
Enrollment 969 (2007)
Language English
Colour(s) Blue and white
Mascot Marlin
Team name Marlins

Matthew McNair Secondary is a public high school in Richmond, British Columbia and is part of School District 38 Richmond.

Matthew McNair is one of the semester-style schools in Richmond. Its feeder schools include Hamilton Elementary, Walter Lee Elementary, Kingswood Elementary, Thomas Kidd Elementary, Woodward Elementary and Morris Elementary.

McNair has been recognized for its outstanding music and theater departments. The school also has specialized courses such as a cooking program, a full cafeteria, an auto-mechanics apprenticeship program, integrated and accelerated academics, and a leadership program called "Mini-School".[1]


McNair offers soccer, basketball, and volleyball. The school's basketball teams were successful in their playoffs during the 2007-08 season but haven't done great since.

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