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Matthew L. Moseley (born May 12, 1967 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is an American communications and media strategist.

Moseley is an accomplished open water swimmer. On July 20, 2017, he set a new record becoming the first to swim cage-free from the U.S. Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico, following World Open Water Swimming Association rules, to raise pollution awareness. The swim was a benefit for the Scuba Dogs Society and the Colorado-based Inland Ocean Coalition. The 5 Gyres Institute monitored microplastics through a specific protocol for one of the first data sets of plastic content in the Caribbean.[1] On June 13, 2014 he successfully completed the first solo crossing of Lake Ponchatrain in New Orleans, LA in 14 hours 55 minutes. His swim was not only the first solo crossing of the lake (using English Channel/World Open Water Swimming Association Rules), but also a benefit to the 25th anniversary of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation which has worked to restore the lake. Legendary jazz musician and composer David Amram and bluesman Papa Mali created original music during the swim, and Secret Moonbase Productions and Royal Artists provided nautical themed art.[2]

Moseley is also an author. He released his first book about the controversial Lisl Auman case in May 2010, titled Dear Dr. Thompson: Felony Murder, Hunter S. Thompson and the Last Gonzo Campaign[3]. Walter Isaacson, the President of the Aspen Institute and former editor of Time' and CEO of CNN, has said that "Hunter Thompson fought tirelessly for Lisl Auman, on the theory that by doing so he was protecting the rights of all of us. Matthew Moseley provides a colorful and well-researched chronicle of the crusade, which would make Hunter proud."

He is best known for his work with Hunter S. Thompson on the campaign [4] to free Lisl Auman [5] from prison [6] and was recognized in Vanity Fair for his role in the effort. Upon Hunter's death, Matthew became the Owl Farm spokesman,[7] and was hired by Johnny Depp [8] [9] as the communications director for the memorial service, where Thompson's ashes were shot out of a 153-foot-tall Gonzo fist at Owl Farm in Woody Creek, Colorado.[10]

Moseley led the communications efforts to reform Colorado's Direct File youth process, which was featured in the New York Times.[11]

On Election Night, November 6, 2018, Matt Moseley provided political and election analysis for the 2019 election cycle on Fox31/KDVR2. [12]


Moseley's communications background includes his current position as a partner and Chief Strategy Officer at dovetail solutions in Denver, past partner at InterMountain Public Affairs, as well as being a senior associate at GBSM (a public affairs firm in Denver). He was the communications director at the Colorado State Capitol for the Senate Democrats under President Joan Fitz-Gerald. He was a press officer for the USOC in Athens at the 2004 Olympic Games,[13] where he also wrote articles for numerous publications and was “Our Man Inside the Olympics” for the Denver Post. He was an assistant press secretary for the White House for the 1997 G7 Summit in Denver, and national field director at Rock the Vote in Los Angeles in 1997. He has been actively involved in many political campaigns from presidential to local office. Moseley worked as a research assistant for Megatrends author John Naisbitt in Telluride, Colorado. After college he worked at Commander's Palace restaurant with world-renowned chef Emeril Lagasse. Moseley has a master's degree in public policy from the University of Colorado and graduated with a bachelor's degree in economics from Louisiana Tech University.

Personal life[edit]

Moseley lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife Kristin, a water rights attorney, and children Charlie and Amelia.

Book reviews[edit]

Rick Caroll from the Aspen Daily Times said that "Moseley's “Dear Dr. Thompson” is a satisfying read, even if you know the outcome. That's a testament to Moseley's tenacious research and an ability to freshly deliver a story that crosses many boundaries. Sure, there are Thompson fans who will pick this book up solely because of him. But regardless of your feelings about Thompson, Moseley's book reveals the dark side of the American justice system, and a campaign that successfully fought it."[3]

Sam Kashner, a contributing editor of Vanity Fair stated, "This is Mr. Toad's wild ride through the hellish halls of justice and a true life thriller told in a great stride piano-like style and with eloquent Emile Zolaesque zeal by a young master, a true friend of Hunter S. Thompson's, and something of a legend in his own right. If I am ever busted for something I never did, I want Matt Moseley's phone number sewn into my underwear. Required Reading in this sad era of the Patriot Act."[3]

Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner claims that Dear Dr. Thompson "Will prove to be an extraordinarily valuable addition to the Hunter S. Thompson record."[3]

Documentary features[edit]

Moseley is featured in two documentaries by Wayne Ewing: When I Die, about Hunter S. Thompson's funeral, and Fear and Loathing in Denver, about the Lisl Auman case. He is described in Anita Thompson's book, The Gonzo Way, as an "energetic young public relations expert."

He is also the subject of a documentary by Wayne Ewing titled Dancing in the Water which chronicles his swim of Lake Ponchatrain as well as profiles the lake and its rejuvenation after Hurricane Katrina.[14]

The movie was nominated for Best of the Year by the World Open Water Swimming Association.[15]


In 2015, Moseley was the first person to swim from the Island of Culebra to Fajardo, Puerto Rico of 24 miles in 12 hours and 55 minutes to raise awareness for the Scuba Dogs Society and the work they do for the coral reefs in Puerto Rico.

On Wednesday, July 29 2015, Moseley completed the first ever swim of the Colorado River through Utah's Canyonlands, starting in Moab and ending at the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers, a distance of 47.5 miles, with a time of 13 hours and 56 minutes.[16] Moseley did the swim to raise awareness for American rivers and it was documented by High Country News[17].

Including the swim of Lake Pontchartrain in 2014, which was the subject of the documentary Dancing in the Water by award-winning documentarian Wayne Ewing, Moseley completed three first-ever swims in the span of 13 months.[2]

On May 2, 2012 Moseley did a crossing of Lake Ponchartrain with Glynde Mangum, who was an All-American swimmer. The 26.1 mile swim was completed in 12 hours and 23 minutes in thunderstorm conditions with swells up to 5 feet high. Moseley began swimming at 12:30 A.M. and completed the first leg of the swim in 6 hours and 25 minutes. The swim was dedicated to Coco Robicheaux who passed in November 2011. The swim continued the efforts to raise funding for the New Canal Lighthouse[18]

In 2009, Moseley and Mangum swam to raise funds for the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation to rebuild the new canal lighthouse. Moseley and Mangum completed a swim of 9 miles in 4 hours and 35 minutes- from the Pontchartrain Beach to the Old Canal Lighthouse and back again; they raised funds to restore the Lighthouse landmark. This swim was covered by ABC 26 News and the New Orleans Gambit.]][19]

Moseley made the first swimming descent of the Colorado River through Canyonlands - a distance of 47.5 miles in 16 hours 50 minutes.[20] His swim was among the 10 biggest adventure moments of 2006 according to the Rocky Mountain News.[21]

For his trifecta lake-ocean-river swims Moseley was nominated for Performance of the Year 2015 by the World Open Water Swimming Association.


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