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Matthew Nastuk is an animation director on The Simpsons. He started directing during the tenth season, and has since directed over two dozen episodes and continues to direct today.

The Simpsons episodes[edit]

He has directed the following episodes:

Season 10[edit]

Season 11[edit]

Season 12[edit]

Season 13[edit]

Season 14[edit]

Season 15[edit]

Season 16[edit]

Season 17[edit]

Season 18[edit]

Season 19[edit]

Season 20[edit]

Season 21[edit]

Season 22[edit]

Season 23[edit]

Season 24[edit]

Season 25[edit]

Season 26[edit]

Season 27[edit]

Season 28[edit]

Season 29[edit]

Season 30[edit]

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