Matthew Pritzker

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Matthew Pritzker
Born (1982-05-28) 28 May 1982 (age 34)
Occupation Real estate entrepreneur; head of the Matthew Pritzker Company
Parent(s) Robert Pritzker
Irene Dryburgh
Relatives A.N. Pritzker (grandfather)
Jay Pritzker (uncle)
Liesel Pritzker (sister)

Matthew Pritzker (born May 28, 1982), is a member of the wealthy Pritzker family, the son of Robert Pritzker and one of several heirs of the Pritzker family's Hyatt Hotel fortune.[1] He is a real-estate entrepreneur, the head of the Matthew Pritzker Company, and owns a minority stake in State Street Pictures,[2] and personal-care firm Hugo Naturals.[3]

After the death of family patriarch Jay Pritzker, family infighting ensued over the corporate assets and family trusts he had left among several family members. Matthew joined his younger sister Liesel Pritzker in a lawsuit against their father and other family members. In January 2005, the siblings were each given close to $500 million under a settlement agreement that foreclosed any further litigation over the family fortune. The remainder was to be divided among their 11 older cousins. The settlement did not bring much peace to the Pritzker family, many of whom do not speak to one another.[1]

In July 2010, Mathew Pritzker was charged in a federal lawsuit that he knowingly struck and injured a bicyclist with his SUV in Chicago, and left the scene after the bicycle was sucked under the Pritzker SUV, thereby forcing the rider to jump to safety. Police responding to the subsequent 911 call initially pursued the SUV driver expecting to press attempted murder charges, returned to arrest the bicyclist for aggravated assault. Finding police attitudes and records being changed, the bicycled was forced to seek remediation through the federal courts.[2][4]


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