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Matthew Setzer
Matthew Setzer.jpg
Matthew Setzer
Background information
GenresGothic rock, industrial rock
Occupation(s)Musician, Producer
Years active2005–present
Associated actsSkinny Puppy, London After Midnight (band), Timur and the Dime Museum,[1] Indradevi,[2] KANGA[3]

Matthew Setzer[4] is a musician/music technologist living in Los Angeles.

Guitarist for Skinny Puppy and London After Midnight he has toured worldwide in the gothic industrial scene. Venturing outside those bounds he is co-producer and musician for world electronic project INDRADEVI[2] and punk opera group Timur and the Dime Museum.[1] Active in the flesh hook suspension community he has blended interactive music technology with ritual performance art, notably with Constructs of Ritual Evolution (CoRE)[5] and Aesthetic Meat Front (AMF).[6] Both groups have utilized an array of sensors/biofeedback/and experimental live music. Matthew helped facilitate the only live flesh hook suspension aired on US network television- Jane's Addiction on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.[7] Whether on tour or producing music at his studio (Wonderland Recording Studio LLC)[8] Matthew often daydreams of his childhood growing up in Montana.[9]

Matthew studied experimental sound at CalArts. Teachers include: David Rosenboom (composition, biofeedback systems), Ajay Kapur (programming, robotics), Mark Trayle (Max/MSP, interface design), Ulrich Krieger (composition, ritual methods), Morton Subotnick (composition), and visiting artist Trimpin (robotics). He developed an interactive microphone[10] enabling a performer to control audio/video elements with gestural movements. While studying with David Rosenboom Matthew developed a musical electroencephalograph biofeedback system. This technology has been used for a ritual suspension with Louis Fleischauer (AMF)[6] in France,[11] Japan,[12] and the USA.

Before CalArts Matthew trained with John Carruthers[13] for luthier skills. From 2006–2008 Matthew worked as a luthier for the Moser Custom shop with Neal Moser. Matthew built his touring guitar[14] (a Les Paul with an altered head stock) from the ground up.

Since 2016 Setzer has played guitar for Los Angeles based Electronic Musician KANGA[15]



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