Matthew Stirling (railway engineer)

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Matthew Stirling
Born 27 November 1856
Died 5 October 1931(1931-10-05) (aged 74)
Kingston upon Hull
Nationality Scottish
Citizenship United Kingdom
Parent(s) Patrick Stirling
Engineering career
Discipline Locomotive engineer
Employer(s) Hull & Barnsley Railway

Matthew Stirling (1856–1931) was Locomotive Superintendent of the Hull & Barnsley Railway (H&BR). Matthew Stirling was born in Kilmarnock on 27 November 1856. He was the son of Patrick Stirling, the nephew of James Stirling, and grandson of Robert Stirling - all of whom were also famous mechanical engineers.


Matthew was appointed Locomotive Superintendent of the H&BR on 13 May 1885. His first locomotive design was the H&BR Class B 0-6-0 tender locomotive (1889). This later became LNER Class J23. A larger and more modern version of the Class B was developed later. This was designated H&BR Class L, and later became LNER Class J28. Matthew Stirling's locomotive designs often incorporated the design traditions established his father, including domeless boilers. His powerful H&BR Class A (LNER Class Q10) 0-8-0 freight locomotives were heavily used during World War I.

List of locomotive designs
H&BR class LNER class Wheels Date
B J23[1] 0-6-0 1889
G2 J80[2] 0-6-0T 1892
F2 N12[3] 0-6-2T 1901
G3 J75[4] 0-6-0T 1901
A Q10[5] 0-8-0 1907
J D24[6] 4-4-0 1910
L J28[7] 0-6-0 1911
F3 N13[8] 0-6-2T 1913

The LNER Class N13s survived into the British Railways era and the last locomotive, No. 69114, was withdrawn in 1956.

Retirement and death[edit]

He retired in 1922 when the H&BR was taken over by the North Eastern Railway (NER). Stirling died on 5 October 1931 in Hull, aged 75.


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