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Matthew Sturges
Born (1970-10-02) October 2, 1970 (age 46)
Rhode Island, United States
Nationality American
Area(s) Writer
Notable works
Jack of Fables
Official website

Matthew Sturges (born October 1970 in Rhode Island) is an American writer of comics and fantasy novels.


Sturges is best known for the Eisner-award nominated Jack of Fables from DC/Vertigo.[1] In the 1990s, he was a member of the writers' collective Clockwork Storybook, which also included Bill Willingham, Chris Roberson, and Mark Finn.[citation needed]

With Willingham, Sturges has also co-written House of Mystery.[2][3][4] Following his signing an exclusive deal with DC Comics,[5][6] Sturges took over the writing of Blue Beetle in issue #29[7] and saw it through to its end in issue #36.[8] He has also written Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! featuring the Human Flame[9][10][11] and, with Willingham again, he also took over the writing of Justice Society of America with issue #29.[12][13]

He is also the author of two novels, Midwinter (2009)[14] its sequel The Office of Shadows (2010), and a book of short horror fiction, Beneath the Skin and Other Stories (2000).

Personal life[edit]

He currently lives in Austin, Texas.[citation needed]



Prose books[edit]

  • Midwinter (2009; novel)
  • The Office of Shadows (2010; novel)
  • Beneath the Skin and Other Stories (2000; short story anthology)


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