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Not to be confused with alternative rock musician Matthew Sweet.

Matthew Sweet (born 1969) is an English writer, journalist, and BBC broadcaster.

Born in Hull, he holds a doctorate from Oxford University on the sensation fiction of the 19th century, Wilkie Collins in particular. He was among the contributors to the Oxford Companion to English Literature[1] and was both film and television critic for the Independent on Sunday.

His book, Shepperton Babylon: The Lost Worlds of British Cinema (2005) is a history of the British film business from the silent days, and includes interviews with surviving figures from the period.[2]

He is also an author of TV films and series, including Shepperton Babylon (documentary, adapted from the book), Silent Britain, Checking into History, British Film Forever, The Rules of Film Noir and A Brief History of Fun, as well as several Doctor Who audio plays and short stories. He is also the presenter of a BBC Radio 4 programme, The Philosopher's Arms, a show recorded in front of a live audience, exploring classic philosophical issues.[3]

He is a regular presenter of Night Waves on BBC Radio 3.


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