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Not to be confused with alternative rock musician Matthew Sweet.

Matthew Sweet (born 2 December 1969) is an English writer, journalist, and BBC broadcaster.

Born in Hull, Sweet received a doctorate from Oxford University on the sensation fiction of the 19th century, Wilkie Collins in particular. He was among the contributors to the The Oxford Companion to English Literature[1] and was both film and television critic for the The Independent on Sunday.

Sweet's book, Shepperton Babylon: The Lost Worlds of British Cinema (2005) is a history of the British film business from the silent days, and includes interviews with surviving figures from the period.[2] A television documentary series was adapted from the book.

Sweet has written other television films and series, including Silent Britain, Checking into History, British Film Forever, The Rules of Film Noir, Truly,Madly,Cheaply!:British B Movies, and A Brief History of Fun, as well as several Doctor Who audio plays and short stories. He presented of a BBC BBC Radio 4 programme The Philosopher's Arms, a show recorded in front of a live audience in which classic philosophical concerns were explored.[3] He is the host of the BBC Radio 3 programme Sound of Cinema about film scores and their composers[4] and a regular presenter of Night Waves on the same network.


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