Matthew Waldman

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Matthew Waldman
Born New York City, New York
Nationality American
Education The High School of Art and Design
Occupation Chief Creative Officer, President
Label(s) Nooka, Inc.

Matthew Waldman (born c. 1965, Queens, New York City)[1] is an American designer and artist currently based in New York City. He is the founder and Chief Designer of the fashion brand Nooka Inc.[2] as well as the President and Creative Director of Berrymatch LLC.[3]


Matthew Waldman was born and raised in Briarwood, Queens, New York[1] and attended the High School of Art and Design on 57th street in NYC with a major in arts and architecture. While being accepted to Harvard for design, he decided to freelance at age 19. From 1987 to 1990 was an art director in corporate communications in Tokyo.[citation needed] Moving back to New York City he became the Creative Director of New York Zoom inc. with backing from a Japanese-based agency. After returning from Japan Waldman worked in New York as an Associate Art Director at Mademoiselle magazine, Art Director at YAR Communications Inc, Creative Director at New York Zoom, and Creative Director of Reuters Global Communications Studio.[3]

In 2000 Waldman founded the design firm Berrymatch,[citation needed] which offers interdisciplinary design consulting to a variety of clients focusing on branding, print and web interactivity. He also works as an adjunct professor at Parson's the New School in New York, teaching a range of courses in product and graphic design, since 2002.[citation needed]

Waldman maintains a personal art project, The Fairly Labor Union. Using both sculpture and paintings, the project has exhibited in a number of prominent galleries in New York, Tokyo, and Great Britain.[citation needed] He has also participated in several other art shows in the United States, the UK and Japan including Tag the System and ArtStorm London in 2004, More Art Inaugural Exhibition, Piece of Peace Lego Exhibition in Japan, The Show Room NYC, and a solo exhibition at Stay Gold Gallery, NY.[3]


During his tenure at New York Zoom, Nooka was conceived as a project, an ambiguously ethnic name that was Waldman's modus operandi ("new") within the word itself.[4] Tom Dixon (industrial designer) who had contacts at Seiko recommended that Waldman should contact them with a couple time concepts that he conceived while looking at a clock in London. Seiko manufactured a watch similar to the current Nooka Zoo, however when they closed all their sub-brands Waldman decided to manufacture and sell them himself. In 2004 Waldman launched the Nooka company.[1] His first clients in North America were MoMA while in Asia it was United Arrows. During that time he also created the interdisciplinary design firm Berrymatch, LLC in 2000 focusing on branding, print and web interactivity.[citation needed]

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