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Matthias Fronius (born 28 February 1522 in Kronstadt, Siebenbürgen / d. 1588 in Kronstadt, Siebenbürgen) was a Lutheran cleric and Stadtrichter (English: city magistrate) in Kronstadt, Siebenbürgen. He was the author of Statvta Jvrivm Mvnicipalivm Saxonvm inn Transylvania, a 16th-century codification of Transylvanian law[1][2] that incorporated legal principles established by both Roman and Anglo-Saxon law.[3]

Another of his works, Der Sachsen inn Siebenbürgen: Statuta Oder eigen Landtrecht, delineated real estate entitlements for the Transylvanian Saxons, whose autonomy within the Kingdom of Hungary was guaranteed under the Diploma Andreanum.

Fronius studied Theology at University of Wittenberg under Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon, obtaining his degree in 1543.[4]

Title page of Der Sachssen inn Siebenbürgen (1583) by Matthias Fronius

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Works by Matthias Fronius[edit]

Statvta Jvrivm Mvnicipalivm Saxonvm inn Transylvania. Opera Matthiae Fronii. 1583. Corona.

Der Sachsen inn Siebenbürgen: Statuta Oder eigen Landtrecht. Durch Matthiam Fronium. 1583. Hermannstadt.


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