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Matthias Greitter, also Matthäus Greiter, (ca. 1495 – 20 December 1550) was a German priest, cantor and composer.


Greitter was born in Aichach. He became priest and cantor at Strasbourg Cathedral. In 1524 he joined the new Reformed Church. In 1538 he accepted a position of music teacher at the Collegium Argentinense (later University of Strasbourg). In 1549 he moved back to the Catholic religion and founded a Catholic school of singing, but he died the following year in Strasbourg, presumably from the plague.


Sacred Works[edit]

  • Domine non secundum, motet, 2vv, 1545
  • Passibus ambiguis/Fortuna desperata, motet, 4vv,
  • Christ ist erstanden/Christus surrexit, motet, 5vv
  • 7 psalms
  • Kyrie,
  • Gloria,
  • Credo,
  • Alleluia

Secular Works[edit]

  • 16 Lieder, 4–5vv


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