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Matthias Hawdon (1732 - 1789) was a composer and organist based in the East Riding of Yorkshire and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


He was the son of Thomas Hawdon, and christened on 24 October 1732 in All Saints' Church, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He studied organ under Charles Avison.

He married Mary Browne on 6 March 1760 in Holy Trinity Church, Hull.

His son, Thomas Hawdon, was also an organist, and followed in his footsteps as organist of Holy Trinity Church, Hull in 1787.

He returned to Newcastle after the death of his teacher, Charles Avison. As well as being organist of St. Nicholas' Church, he promoted public concerts in Newcastle, but this bankrupted him in 1791.



He wrote:

  • A new song 1755
  • Beauty's power 1765
  • Innocence and love 1770
  • Six conversion sonatas for the harpsichord or pianoforte, with accompaniments for two violins and violoncello, opera second 1775
  • Fancy sung by Mr. Morgan 1780
  • Two concertos: for the organ or harpsichord with instrumental parts. 1780
  • Six Sonatas Spirituale or Voluntaries - Opus 4, 1784


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