Matthias Menck

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Matthias Menck
Birth name Matthias Menck
Also known as

Double M,

Born Germany
Origin Hamburg, Germany
Genres Trance music, Electronic music a.o.
Occupation(s) audio engineer, Music Producer, arranger, musician, Sound designer, DJ
Instruments Synthesizer,
Years active 1988–presente
Associated acts Christoph Brüx, Brooklyn Bounce, Thomas Gold, Kool & The Gang, SMC Unity, Sofie St. Claire, a.o.

Matthias Menck, alias Double M, alias Toxilogic is a German graduate audio engineer, house and trance producer and DJ, resident in Hamburg. He is most famous for being a part of Brooklyn Bounce.

Producer and DJ[edit]

Matthias Menck has been part of the international electronic music scene since the 1980s. As producer and DJ he helped to establish House Music in Hamburg. Whilst he was a young graduate audio engineer, he spent many sleepless nights in the recording studio and in the legendary Kontor Club where he was resident DJ. His first Gold and Platinum Record status he achieved with Brooklyn Bounce, one of his early commercial projects.
In later years, as his musical career developed and inspired by his many international DJ gigs, Matthias has moved away from commercial sounds and has gone back to his roots. Which lie unmistakably in the House music. Matthias' productions and DJ sets authentically capture his musical history and stand out both musically and technically.
Aside from his solo projects (e.g. on Ministry of Sound) and remixes (e.g. DJ Antoine, Chris Kaeser, D.o.n.s. ) Menck works regularly with various Artists like Christoph Brüx, Thomas Gold, Jerry Ropero or D.O.N.S. and very closely with Terri B.


Members: Sofie St. Claire, Matthias Menck, Christoph Brüx
  • Dolphin Sound[2]
Members: Christoph Brüx, Matthias Menck
Aliases: Abuna E, Beatbox, Boys-R-Us, Harmonic Beats, Mental Madness Productions[3]
Members: Matthias Menck, Dennis Bohn
  • Terraformer
Members: Dennis Bohn & Mattias Menck, Jan Miesner, Heiko Lempio

Associated acts[edit]

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