Mattie Griffith Browne

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Mattie Griffith Browne
Born Martha Grifith
(1828-10-02)October 2, 1828
Owensboro, Kentucky U.S.
Died May 25, 1906(1906-05-25) (aged 77)
Boston, Massachusetts U.S.
Nationality American
Other names Martha Griffith Browne
Occupation Abolitionist
Known for Autobiography of a Female Slave

Martha "Mattie" Griffith Browne (October 2, 1828 – 25 May 1906)[1] was an anti-slavery novelist and American suffragist.[2]

Early life[edit]

Griffith Browne was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, to father Thomas Griffith and mother Martha "Mattie" Young.[3]


Her family owned slaves. In time, she inherited half a dozen slaves from her father.[4]

In spite of her former slave-holding status, she became an abolitionist and advocated for emancipation in her writing. She is best known for her novel, Autobiography of a Female Slave, published in 1856.[5] Another one of her notable works is a serialized novel, Madge Vertner, and was published in the National Anti-Slavery Standard from July 1859 to May 1860.[6]

Personal life[edit]

On June 27, 1867, Griffith Browne married the journalist, abolitionist, and banker Albert Gallatin Browne, Jr., in New York City.[7] Her husband was the son of Albert G. Browne and mother Sarah J. Cox.[3]

She died on May 25, 1906, from breast cancer,[1] and is buried in Harmony Grove Cemetery in Salem, Massachusetts.[8]

Works and publications[edit]


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