Matty Nolan

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Matty Nolan
Matty Nolan.jpg
Matty Nolan in 1986
Brookside character
Portrayed by Tony Scoggo
Duration 1982–92
First appearance 3 November 1982
Last appearance 23 November 1992
Created by Phil Redmond
Classification Former; regular

Matty Nolan is a character in Brookside portrated by Tony Scoggo between 1982 and 1992.[1]

Friend of Bobby Grant[edit]

Matty was a longtime friend of Bobby Grant and the two worked together at Fairbanks Engineering. The two fell out in 1982 when Bobby refused to misuse his influence as shop steward to get Matty out of a disciplinary hearing.


In 1986 Matty Nolan began an affair. Sheila Grant found out and was troubled by this and her staunch Catholic views. Sheila later told Theresa about their affair, leading to a bitterness between the two which Bobby was completely oblivious of. Damon became concerned by the way Matty was behaving towards his mother and ordered Matty from the Grant house.

Accusations of rape[edit]

Sheila is having a drink in The Swan with her lecturer Alun when he makes a pass at her and tells her to leave Bobby. Sheila refuses but Alun will not accept her answer. At that point an intoxicated Matty enters the pub and accuses Sheila of destroying his marriage and seeing them together accuses her of being a hypocrite. Sheila then leaves in a taxi but Matty forces his way in and argues with her. Sheila later gets out of the taxi and sets off walking home at which point Matty tells the taxi driver he can not pay and alights further up the road.

Sheila is then dragged into the bushes and raped. At this time a drunken Pat Hancock is arrested and becomes the main suspect. Matty and Alun also become suspects. It is later revealed that the taxi driver raped Sheila.

Theresa's suicide[edit]

Although eventually cleared of rape, during the accusation his recently estranged wife Theresa committed suicide.[2]

Father to Barry[edit]

In 1988 it was revealed when Bobby and Sheila separated that Matty was in fact father to their eldest son Barry Grant.


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