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Wiri Mountain
Te Manurewa O Tamapahore
Matukutururu (Wiri Mountain).jpg
The quarried remains of Matukutūruru, when part-filled with water. Picture is taken from some of the higher remnants.
Highest point
Elevation 80 m (260 ft)
Coordinates 37°00′26″S 174°51′30″E / 37.007334°S 174.858441°E / -37.007334; 174.858441Coordinates: 37°00′26″S 174°51′30″E / 37.007334°S 174.858441°E / -37.007334; 174.858441
Location Wiri, North Island, New Zealand
Volcanic arc/belt Auckland volcanic field

Matukutūruru (also Te Manurewa O Tamapahore or Wiri Mountain) is a volcano in Wiri, in the Auckland volcanic field. It had a scoria cone reaching 80 metres above sea level (around 50 m higher than the surrounding land), which was quarried away. The lava flows created 290m long Wiri Lava Cave. The hill was the site of a . In late 2011 the quarry lake was drained and fill-dumping began on the site.

Matukutūruru and nearby Matukutūreia are collectively known as Matukurua (also Ngā Matukurua).[1]


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