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Hebrew transcription(s)
 • officialMazzuva
 • unofficialMatzuba
Matzuva is located in Northwest Israel
Coordinates: 33°3′47.87″N 35°9′29.52″E / 33.0632972°N 35.1582000°E / 33.0632972; 35.1582000Coordinates: 33°3′47.87″N 35°9′29.52″E / 33.0632972°N 35.1582000°E / 33.0632972; 35.1582000
CouncilMateh Asher
AffiliationKibbutz Movement
Founded byGerman Jews
Population (2017)[1]1,166
Kibbutz Matzuva, 1946

Matzuva (Hebrew: מַצּוּבָה‬), also known as Matzuba, is a kibbutz in the Western Galilee in northern Israel. Located south of the development town of Shlomi, it falls under the jurisdiction of Mateh Asher Regional Council. In 2017 it had a population of 1,166.[1]


The village was established in 1940 by immigrants from Germany, members of the Maccabi HaTzair youth movement. It was named after the nearby Pi Matzuba known in antiquities, a place mentioned in the Tosefta (Shevi'it 4:8-ff.) and in the 3rd century Mosaic of Rehob.[2] The name is believed to have been derived from mṣwbh, a Semitic root, meaning "pyramid; pyramidal pile".[3]

After the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, it expanded on land belonging to the Palestinian village of al-Bassa, which was depopulated in that war.[4]


Due to economic problems, the kibbutz textile factory closed down in 2003.[5]

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