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Maude is a surname, and also a feminine given name, and may refer to:


  • Empress Matilda (1101–1167), also called Empress Maud or Maude, first female ruler of England, mother of Henry II

First name[edit]


Given name[edit]

  • Maude Adams (1872–1953), American actress
  • Maude Allen (1879–1956), American character actress
  • Maude Brown Dawson (1874–1946), wife of former Governor of West Virginia William M. O. Dawson and served as that state's First Lady, 1909-1913
  • Maude Cary (1878–1967), Christian American missionary to North Africa, specifically Morocco
  • Maude Duncan, an American newspaperwoman and a former mayor of Winslow, Arkansas
  • Maude Eburne (1875–1960), Canadian character actress of stage and screen, known for playing eccentric roles
  • Maude Farris-Luse (1887–2002), American supercentenarian
  • Maude Fay (1878–1964), American operatic soprano who was known for singing dramatic roles
  • Maude Fealy (1883–1971), American stage and film actress
  • Maude Frazier (1881–1963), American politician
  • Maude Fulton (1881–1950), Broadway stage actress who later became a Hollywood screenwriter
  • Maude Garrett (born 1986)
  • Maude George (1888–1963), American actress of the silent era
  • Maude Kaufman Eggemeyer (1877–1959), early 20th Century painter associated with the Richmond Group of artists in Richmond, Indiana
  • Maude Kegg (1904–1996), Ojibwa writer, folk artist, and cultural interpreter
  • Maude Kerns (1876–1965), American artist
  • Maude Lloyd (1908–2004), South African ballerina and dance critic
  • Maude Meagher (1895–1977), novelist, author of Fantastic Traveller
  • Maude Nugent (1877–1958), U.S. songwriter
  • Maude Robinson (1859–1950), Quaker writer of short stories
  • Maude Royden (1876–1956), a preacher and suffragist
  • Maude Storey (1930–2003), a British nurse, nursing administrator and writer, as well as President of the Royal College of Nursing from 1988 to 1990
  • Maude Turner Gordon (1868–1940)
  • Maude C. Waitt, a former member of the Ohio Senate
  • Maude Valerie White (1855–1937), French-born English composer


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