Maui Bus

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Maui Bus
Maui Bus logo.png
Headquarters Wailuku, Hawaii
Service area Maui County, Hawaii
Service type bus service, paratransit, express bus service
Routes 13 regular[1]
4 commuter[2]
Fuel type Diesel
Operator Roberts Hawaii
Website Bus Service Information

Maui Bus is the public transportation service of Maui County, Hawaii, and is operated by Roberts Hawaii under a public-private partnership with the county government. They operate 13 regular local bus routes and 4 commuter routes, which have a single early morning run and a return trip in the afternoon and require a reservation.


The Maui Bus service was started as the Holo Kaʻa service in 2002 with a joint venture between the private company Akina Aloha Tours, the non-profit organization Maui Economic Opportunity, and the county government in a subsidized joint venture to provide bus service for South, West, and Central Maui.[3] Low ridership (blamed on the lack of advertising for the system) led to Akina Aloha Tours losing $1 million over the following two years.[4]


Regular Routes[5]
No. Name Description Service Hours
1/2 Wailuku Loop Kahului-Wailuku 630AM-830PM every 60 minutes
5/6 Kahului Loop Kahului 630AM-830PM every 60 minutes
10 Kihei Islander Kahului-Maalaea-Kihei-Wailea 530AM-730PM every 60 minutes
15 Kihei Villager Maalaea-Kihei 605AM-805PM every 60 minutes
20 Lahaina Islander Kahului-Wailuku-Maalaea-Lahaina 530AM-730PM every 60 minutes
23 Lahaina Villager Lahaina 800AM-1000PM every 60 minutes
25 Kaʻanapali Islander Lahaina-Kaʻanapali 230PM-500PM every 60 minutes
28 West Maui Islander Lahaina-Kaʻanapali-Kapalua 530AM-830PM every 60 minutes
35 Haiku Islander Kahului-Paʻia-Haiku 530AM-830PM every 90 minutes
39 Kula Villager Pukalani-Kula-Makawao 700AM-900PM every 90 minutes
40 Upcountry Islander Kahului-Pukalani-Makawao-Haliʻimaile 600AM-900PM every 90 minutes
Commuter Routes
Name Description Fare
Haiku-Wailea Commuter 1 rush hour round trip
Kihei-Kapalua Commuter 1 rush hour round trip
Makawao-Kapalua Commuter 1 rush hour round trip
Wailuku-Kapalua Commuter 4 rush hour round trips



Cash fares are $2.00 per person, per boarding, with the option of purchasing an all day pass for $4.00 per person, valid on all routes. No transfers are given, except from Commuter Service routes. An all route monthly pass is available at a cost of $45.00 with a reduced rate for students and seniors of $30.00[1]


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