Maui Patera

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Highest resolution image of Maui Patera, acquired by Galileo during an encounter with Io in October 1999

Maui Patera is a patera, or a complex crater with scalloped edges, on Jupiter's moon Io. It is about 38 kilometers in diameter and is located at 16°37′N 124°15′W / 16.61°N 124.25°W / 16.61; -124.25[1]Coordinates: 16°37′N 124°15′W / 16.61°N 124.25°W / 16.61; -124.25[1]. It is named after Māui, a Hawaiian demigod that sought fire from Mafuike. Its name was approved by the International Astronomical Union in 1979.[1] It is located southwest of the eruptive center Maui, south of Euxine Mons, and southwest of the volcano Amirani. Due east are Monan Patera, Monan Mons, and Ah Peku Patera.[2]


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