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Mauke (Ma'uke also Akatokamanava) is an island of the Cook Islands archipelago, lying in the central-southern Pacific Ocean.[1] Its geography is characterised by a central volcanic plateau, deep caves and lakes, as well as jagged fossilised coral which extends 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) inland. The volcanic soil in the island's center are relatively fertile, so it is called "The Garden of the Islands". [2]

Mauke has a population of 300.[1]

It is subdivided into four traditional districts. Vaimutu and Makatea are not further subdivided and correspond to one tapere each. Ngatiarua and Areora districts are subdivided into 6 and 3 tapere, respectively, totalling 11 tapere for the whole island: [3][4]

  • Ngatiarua District (north, subdivided into 6 tapere)
  • Vaimutu District (east, corresponds to 1 tapere)
  • Areora District (south, subdivided into 3 tapere)
  • Makatea District (west, corresponds to 1 tapere)


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