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Muhammad Ali (/mɔːˈlɑːnə mʊˈhɑːməd ɑːˈl/; Arabic: محمد على‎‎‎; 1874 – 13 October 1951) was an Indian writer, scholar, and leading figure of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement.


Ali was born in Murar, Kapurthala State (now in Ludhiana district, Punjab, India) in 1874. He obtained an M.A. in English and a LL.B. in 1899. He joined the Ahmadiyya Movement in 1897 and dedicated his life to the service of the movement as part of what he saw as a restored and pristine Islamic faith. Some Muslim scholars and jurists, on the other hand, have considered the Ahmadiyya to be outside of mainstream Islam or even heretical.[1] He died in Karachi on October 13, 1951, and is buried in Lahore.


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