Maule M-4

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Maule M-4
Maule M-4-210C Rocket C-FWZM 02.JPG
Maule M-4-210C Rocket
Role Four-seat cabin monoplane
National origin United States
Manufacturer Maule Aircraft Company
Designer Belford Maule
First flight 1960
Introduction 1961
Produced 1963-1983
Number built 474
Variants Maule M-5
Maule M-4-210 Rocket

The Maule M-4 is an American four-seat cabin monoplane designed by Belford Maule and built by the Maule Aircraft Company.

Design and development[edit]

The design of the M-4 was started in 1956 by Belford Maule and the prototype Bee Dee first flew in February 1957. Maule started the Maule Aircraft Company to develop and build the aircraft in Napoleon, Michigan as the Maule M-4. The first M-4 flew on September 8, 1960. The M-4 is a steel-tube and fabric high-wing braced-monoplane with a cantilever tailplane with a single fin and rudder. It has a fixed tailwheel landing gear, and the prototype was powered by a nose-mounted 145 hp (108 kW) Continental O-300 engine. It has an enclosed cabin with two rows of side-by-side seating for a pilot and three passengers. The prototype first flew on September 8, 1961 and production started in 1963.[citation needed] Other variants were introduced including the Rocket which is powered by a 210 hp (157 kW) Continental IO-360-A engine, a deluxe Franklin-powered M-4 Astro-Rocket and a Franklin-powered Rocket which is known as the M-4 Strata-Rocket.

A STOL variant of the Strata Rocket was developed as the Maule M-5 Lunar Rocket.


Bee Dee
Prototype with a 145 hp (108 kW) Continental O-300-A piston engine, 11 built.
M-4 Jetasen
Production version of the earlier Maule Bee Dee with 145 hp (108 kW) Continental O-300A piston engine, 94 built.
M-4C Jetasen
Fitted with a cargo door, 11 built.
Upgraded equipment, three built.
Dual-control trainer without rear-seats or rear-entry door, three built.
M-4C-180 Astro-Rocket
M-4C with a 180 hp (134 kW) Franklin 6A-335-1A engine, seven built.
M-4-210 Rocket
M-4 with a 210 hp (157 kW) Continental IO-360-A engine, 45 built.
M-4-210C Rocket
M-4-210 fitted with a cargo door, 117 built.
M-4-220C Strata Rocket
M-4C with a 220 hp (164 kW) Franklin 6A-350-C1 engine, 190 built.
M-4S with a 220 hp (164 kW) Franklin 6A-350-C1 engine, one built.
SADASA Cuahtemoc M-1
License-built M-4 with a 180 hp Lycoming O-360 engine, three built.

Specifications (M-4-220C Strata Rocket)[edit]

General characteristics

  • Crew: 1
  • Capacity: 3
  • Length: 22 ft 0 in (6.71 m)
  • Wingspan: 29 ft 9 in (9.07 m)
  • Empty weight: 1280 lb (581 kg)
  • Gross weight: 2300 lb (1043 kg)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Franklin 6A-350, 220 hp (164 kW)


  • Maximum speed: 180 mph (288 km/h)
  • Range: 680 miles (1094 km)
  • Service ceiling: 15,498 ft (4725 m)


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