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Sister Maura Clarke, M.M.
Maura Clarke.jpg
Born (1931-01-13)January 13, 1931
Queens, New York
Died December 2, 1980(1980-12-02) (aged 49)
El Salvador
Cause of death Murder by military death squad
Resting place Chalatenango, El Salvador
Nationality American
Occupation Maryknoll Missionary Sister

Sister Maura Clarke, M.M., was an American Roman Catholic Maryknoll Sister, who served as a missionary in Nicaragua and El Salvador. She worked with the poor and refugees in Central America from 1959 until her murder in 1980. On December 2, 1980, she was beaten, raped, and murdered along with three fellow missionariesIta Ford, Dorothy Kazel and Jean Donovan — by members of the military of El Salvador.


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