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Maureen /mɔːˈrn/ is a female given name. Anglicized form of Máirín, a pet form of Máire, which is the Irish cognate of Mary, which is in turn derived from the Hebrew Miriam. It may also be a feminine form of Maurice.

Some variant forms are: Maura, Maury, Maurene, Maurianne, Marien, Maurine, Maurisa, Maurise, Maurissa, Marissa, Maurita, Maurizia, Mavra, Moira, Mora, Moreen, Morena, Morene, Moria and Morine.

Alternately, the term Maure derives from the Phoenician term Mahurin (Westerners). From Mahurin, ancient Latin derives Mauri, meaning black African, and modern Greek derives mauro (black). From the same root is derived moor, maroon, Mohr, Moore, Morin, Morisco, Moreto, Mauretania, Mauritania, Mauritius, Maurus, Maurice/Moritz/Maurikos, Meuric/Meurig, Maureta and Maureen.

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