Maureen Cleave

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Maureen Cleave
Born October 20, 1934
Nationality British

Maureen Cleave (born 1934) is an English journalist who worked for the London Evening Standard from the 1960s [1] conducting interviews with famous musicians of the era, including Bob Dylan and John Lennon. Over the next 40 years she continued as a distinguished interviewer of people in all walks of life, in the Standard, the Telegraph Magazine,[2] Saga magazine,[3] Intelligent Life[4] magazine and elsewhere.

In her Standard interview with Lennon on 4 March 1966, titled How does a Beatle live?,[5] she quoted him as saying that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus now".[6]

According to the Bob Spitz biography of the Beatles, Lennon claimed a liaison with Cleave, inspiring the band's song "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)".[7] Pete Shotton, a friend of Lennon's, also suggested Cleave,[7] though Cleave has said that in all her encounters with Lennon that he made "no pass" at her,[8] and Lennon claimed he could not remember whom the song was about.[9]


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