Maureen Holloway

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Maureen Holloway
Medium Television
Nationality Canadian
Genres Topical comedy
Political satire
Observational comedy
Word play
Spouse John
Notable works and roles eNow
Canada AM
The Dish Show
The Last Word
Website More Mo

Maureen Holloway is a Canadian radio personality, entertainer and comedian that is best known for her radio segments The Last Word. Prior to September 1, 2014, Holloway used to broadcast live, weekday mornings, in consecutive segments with the hosts of Canadian morning shows in various cities.[1][2]

Personal life[edit]

Holloway is the mother of two sons named Aidan and Ronan. She is completing a Master's degree in culture and communication at Ryerson University.[2][3] She is the sister of political activist and entrepreneur Kate Holloway. As a breast cancer survivor, she frequently speaks openly and positively about her life experiences after being diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer in 2005. After completing treatments is she is now cancer free.[4][5]



Holloway has had an over twenty-year career in radio, starting out as a traffic reporter for Mix FM in Toronto. She is best known for her celebrity gossip on her nationally broadcast The Last Word radio segments where she would read Hollywood gossip from the Internet over live air. These were broadcast live weekday mornings in consecutive segments from coast-to-coast across Canada. During her segment she was featured with hosts of some of the Canada’s biggest morning shows.

These stations included:[6]


Holloway has also made forays into television that includes hosting the Gemini-nominated The Dish Show on The Comedy Network. She has also reviewed video releases for Flick on the Life Network and provided gossip segments to the Canada AM and eNow programs.[6]


In addition to her radio work, she writes a weekday blog that is featured on her radio stations' web sites that is called "More Mo". The blog entries are a whimsical look at events that happen to her in her daily life with an emphasis on humour and exaggeration.[6]

Charity work, awards and honours[edit]

Holloway is also known for her charity work.[7] One event that she was honorary chair is the "The Longest Lunch" which is an event to raise money for the Breast Centre at Women's College Hospital.[8] She has also been Master of Ceremonies at the St. Michael's Hospital Foundation's "Urban Angel Golf Classic" that helps raise money for patient, trauma and critical care.[9] She is also involved with "Get Wiggy With It", a program that raises money for the Wig Salon Patient Assistance Fund, at The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation to help cancer patients cope with hair loss while undergoing treatment.[7][10]

In 2006, she won the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Gold Ribbon Award for Humour.[2]


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