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Maureen Jennings
Born1939 (age 79–80)[1]
Birmingham, United Kingdom[1]
NationalityBritish Canadian[2]
Known forThe Murdoch Mysteries

Maureen Jennings (born 1939) is a British Canadian writer.[2]

Jennings was born and grew up in Birmingham, England.[1][3][4] She attended Saltley Grammar School.[2] Jennings emigrated to Canada with her mother when she was seventeen.[1][2][3][4] She studied psychology and philosophy at the University of Windsor, and an MA in English Literature at the University of Toronto.[1][3][5] Jennings initially taught at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, and later practised as a psychotherapist.[1][2][5] Her first successful writing was stage plays.[6]

Jennings is best known as the author of the Detective Murdoch Series, which has been turned into a television series, the Murdoch Mysteries.[1] As of 2019, her most recent novel, Heat Wave, introduces Murdoch's son as a police detective in 1936.[7]

The television drama Bomb Girls was based on a concept Jennings developed.[8]

Jennings was awarded the Grant Allen Award in 2011 as a pioneer in crime fiction.[9][better source needed]

She lives in Toronto.[1][4][5]

Detective Murdoch series[edit]

John Wilson Murray, who was appointed as Ontario's first government detective in 1875, "was an important inspiration" for Jennings, and led to the development of the character William Murdoch.[10]

  1. Except the Dying (1997)
  2. Under the Dragon's Tail (1998)
  3. Poor Tom Is Cold (2001)
  4. Let Loose the Dogs (2003)
  5. Night's Child (2005)
  6. Vices of My Blood (2006)
  7. A Journeyman to Grief (2007)
  8. Let Darkness Bury the Dead (2017)

Christine Morris series[edit]

  1. Does Your Mother Know? (2006)
  2. The K Handshape (2008)

Detective Inspector Tom Tyler series[edit]

  1. Season of Darkness (2011)
  2. Beware This Boy (2012)
  3. No Known Grave (2014)
  4. Dead Ground in Between (2016)

Charlotte Frayne, PI[edit]

  1. Heat Wave: A Paradise Café Mystery (2019)


  1. The Map of Your Mind: Journeys Into Creative Expression (2001)


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