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Maureen L. Condic, PhD
Scientific career
FieldsBioethics, fetal development, spinal cord regeneration

Maureen L. Condic is a bioethicist, professor, ombudsman, and appointee to the United States's National Science Board.[1][2][3]


Condic received her BA from the University of Chicago, and her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. Her postdoctoral fellowship was undertaken at the University of Minnesota. She is an associate professor of neurobiology and anatomy at the University of Utah since 1997.[4] Among her research contributions have been investigations into spinal cord regeneration, death determination,[5] ethics around pregnancy,[6] stem cell usage[7] and development,[8] and fetal pain.[2] In a 2018 Science interview, Condic said she exited basic research for bioethics due to a "heart-wrenching conversation" with a person suffering from a spinal cord injury concerning lack of availability of medical information, combined with a "sour atmosphere" generated by her more fame-seeking colleagues after the injury to actor Christopher Reeve.[1]

Government service[edit]

Condic was appointed to the National Science Board to help advise the US Government's senior leaders on bioethics matters. Her term runs 2018-2024.[3] She wrote an Affidavit in 2012 with expert testimony intended to inform the Oklahoma legislature on embryonic development and personhood.[9] In 2013, she testified before Congress regarding ethics surrounding a bill to ban abortions past a certain timeframe.[10][2]



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