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Maurice Beddow Bayly MRCS LRCP (26 March 1887 – 22 June 1961) was an English physician, anti-vivisection activist, and anti-vaccination campaigner. He was a member of the National Anti-Vaccination League, the Animal Defence and Anti-Vivisection Society, and the English section of the Theosophical Society.[1]

Bayly was one of the few prominent doctors advocating anti-vivisection in the post-war period.[2]


  • 1952. B.C.G. Vaccination
  • Clinical Medical Discoveries
  • The Story of the Salk Anti-Poliomyelitis Vaccine
  • The Schick Inoculation Against Diphtheria
  • The Case AGAINST Vaccination
  • Spotlights on Vivisection
  • Cancer the Failure of Modern Research A Survey
  • More Spotlights on Vivisection
  • Diet in Relation to Health and Disease
  • The Futility of Experiments on Living Animals
  • Diet in Relation to Health and Disease
  • The taxpayer and experiments on living animals: With special reference to the work of the Medical Research Council

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