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The Maurice Ewing Medal is awarded by the American Geophysical Union for "significant original contributions to the understanding of physical, geophysical, and geological processes in the ocean; to those who advance oceanographic engineering, technology, and instrumentation; and to those who perform outstanding service to the marine sciences". The award was instituted in 1974 and is jointly sponsored by the United States Navy. The award is named in honor of Maurice Ewing.[1]


Source: American Geophysical Union

Year Recipient[2]
1976 Walter H. Munk
1977 Henry Stommel
1978 Edward Bullard
1979 Wallace Smith Broecker
1980 J. Tuzo Wilson
1981 Manik Talwani
1982 John I. Ewing
1983 Fred Noel Spiess
1984 Xavier Le Pichon
1985 Kenneth O. Emery
1986 John Imbrie
1987 William Jason Morgan
1988 Wolfgang H. Berger
1989 Klaus Wyrtki
1990 Carl I. Wunsch
1991 Charles David Keeling
1992 Charles Shipley Cox
1993 Kirk Bryan
1994 John A. Orcutt
1995 Jean-Guy Schilling
1996 Walter C. Pitman III
1997 Karl Turekian
1998 Richard P. Von Herzen
1999 Arnold L. Gordon
2000 Joseph L. Reid
2001 Richard G. Fairbanks
2002 Nicholas Shackleton
2003 Gerard C. Bond
2004 Bruce A. Warren
2005 Francois M. M. Morel
2006 G. Michael Purdy[3]
2007 Marcia Kemper McNutt
2008 Miriam Kastner
2009 Thomas Rossby[4]
2010 William J. Jenkins
2011 Joseph Pedlosky
2012 Ellen Thomas
2013 Mark Cane
2014 John Andrews Whitehead
2015 Russ E. Davis
2016 Peter George Brewer
2017 Donald W. Forsyth

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