Maurice FitzGerald, 14th Knight of Kerry

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Sir Maurice FitzGerald (d.1729), M.P., D.L., 14th Knight of Kerry

He was the eldest son of Sir John Fitzgerald, 13th Knight of Kerry and Honora O'Brien, daughter of Connor O'Brien, 2nd Viscount Clare. He lived at Ballinruddery Castle, County Kerry and fought on the Catholic side during the Battle of the Boyne. In 1703, he became the first in his family line to marry a Protestant. His wife was Elizabeth Crosbie, daughter of David Crosbie (d.1717), of Ardfert Abbey, High Sheriff of Co. Kerry, by his wife jane, daughter of William Hamilton of Liscloony, Co. Offaly. Lady Fitzgerald was the sister of Maurice Crosbie (1689-1762), 1st Lord Brandon, who was the father of William Crosbie, 1st Earl of Glandore.

His marriage, and the subsequent marriages of his children further alienated the Knights of Kerry from the local Catholic populace. Maurice became a Member of Parliament and Deputy Lieutenant of Kerry. He died at Ballinruddery Castle, 9 December 1729. He and his wife were the parents of two sons and nine daughters. Their eldest son, John became the 15th Knight of Kerry, and their youngest son, Robert, became the 17th Knight. Their daughters married into the Herberts (twice), Merediths (twice), Sandes', Creaghs, Stacks, Hewsons, Collis', Rices and Days.


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