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Maurice Garland Fulton
Born December 3, 1878
Lafayette County, Mississippi
Died February 12, 1955
Roswell, New Mexico
Residence Roswell, New Mexico
Occupation Professor of English and History
Employer New Mexico Military Institute
Parent(s) Robert Burwell Fulton and Annie Rose Garland Fulton
Relatives Landon Garland (maternal grandfather)

Maurice Garland Fulton (1878–1955) was an American academic.


Early life[edit]

Maurice Garland Fulton was born on December 3, 1878[1] in Lafayette County, Mississippi.[2][3]

His father, Robert Burwell Fulton (1849–1919), served as the seventh Chancellor of the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi, and his mother was Annie Rose Garland Fulton (1843–1893).[2] His maternal grandfather, Landon Garland (1810–1895), served as the second President of Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia from 1836 to 1846, the third President of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama from 1855 to 1865, and the first Chancellor of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee from 1875 to 1893.[4]


He worked as a Professor of English and History at New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, New Mexico.[2]


He died on February 12, 1955 in Roswell, New Mexico.[2][3]


  • Expository Writing; Materials for a College Course in Exposition by Analysis and Imitation, comp. and ed., With Questions and Exercises (1912)
  • College Life, Its Conditions and Problems; A Selection of Essays for use in College Writing Courses (1914)
  • Southern Life in Southern Literature (1917)
  • National Ideals and Problems; Essays for College English (1918)
  • Writing Craftsmanship: Models and Readings (July 1926)
  • Charles Lamb in Essays and Letters (1930)
  • New Mexico's Own Chronicle; Three Races in the Writings of Four Hundred Years (1937)
  • History of the Lincoln County War (1968)


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