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Henry Maurice Goguel (20 March 1880 – 31 March 1955) was Dean of the Protestant Faculty of Theology in Paris, director of studies at the École pratique des hautes études, and professor at the Sorbonne.[1]

He published a substantial body of work of historical research on early Christianity.[2] His Jesus the Nazarene: Myth or History? was an important rebuttal of the Christ myth theory.[3]

Elisabeth Labrousse, the philosopher, historian and academic, was his daughter.

Selected publications[edit]

  • The Religious Situation in France (1921)
  • Jesus the Nazarene: Myth or History? (translation by Frederick Stephens, 1926)
  • The Life of Jesus (translation by Olive Wyon, 1933)
  • The Birth of Christianity (translation by H. C. Snape, 1953)
  • Jesus and the Origins of Christianity (two volumes, 1960)
  • The Primitive Church (translation by H. C. Snape, 1963)


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