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Military postcard of the Czechoslovak Legion with Maurice Janin

Pierre-Thiébaut-Charles-Maurice Janin (October 19, 1862, Paris[1] – April 28, 1946) was a French general (since April 20, 1916) and military commander who was the chief of the French military mission in Siberia during the Russian civil war. As such, he commanded the Czechoslovak Legion. He betrayed Admiral Kolchak by handing him over to the Bolsheviks in Irkutsk.

Janin is recipient of the Latvian military Order of Lāčplēsis, 2nd class.[1] He was also ordered the Czechoslovak Military variant of Order of the White Lion in 1923.

In fiction[edit]

In the 2008 Russian biopic The Admiral, Janin is played by Richard Bohringer.


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