Maurice Lugeon

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Maurice Lugeon
Born July 10, 1870
Died October 23, 1953 (1953-10-24) (aged 83)
Nationality Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland
Fields geology
Known for nappe tectonics
Notable awards Marcel Benoist Prize (1932)
Wollaston Medal (1938)
Fellow of the Royal Society[1]
Gustav-Steinmann-Medaille (1949)

Maurice Lugeon ForMemRS[1] (July 10, 1870 – October 23, 1953) was a Swiss geologist, and the pioneer of nappe tectonics. He was a pupil of Eugène Renevier. Named for Maurice Lugeon, the lugeon is a measure of transmissivity in rocks, determined by pressurized injection of water through a bore hole driven through the rock. One lugeon (Lu) is equal to one liter of water per minute injected into 1 meter of borehole at an injection pressure of 10 atmospheres.


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