Maurice Paquin

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Maurice Paquin

Maurice Paquin, (born in June 1947 in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada), is a Franco-Manitoban comedian and singer.


Early life[edit]

In 1959 Paquin completed Provencher Elementary School in St. Boniface, Manitoba and High School in 1963 at West Hill Collegiate High School in Toronto, Ontario. In 1967 he earned a Baccalaureat en Arts at Université de Montréal followed by a Bachelor of Science degree at McGill University in 1970.

Marriage and Work[edit]

The following three years were spent in San Gerardo de Dota, Costa Rica, where his first daughter Ligia Rosairis was born in 1972. Marisol Denieve, his second daughter, was born in Montreal in 1974; Maurice worked as Marketing Analyst for Miracle Mart (1975) and Val Royal LaSalle Building Materials (1976). In 1983 he wrote, composed and recorded the musical album La Garantie, with hits such as "Ya Rien Là", "Motel Henry", and "Maman, Maman".

Over the next fifteen years, Paquin performed thousands of shows throughout Quebec, Canada and the United States; appeared in hundreds of television variety shows and commercials, and starred in the CBC short film "Buried Treasure". In 2000, he obtained an International Concierge Diploma at the ICI Institute in Montreal, Quebec, which led him to work as Chief Concierge in South Florida hotels such as the Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove, the Bentley Beach, Le Meridien, the Mutiny, Quantum on the Bay and 500 Brickell West in Miami, Florida. He is now Housekeeping Supervisor at Mont Tremblant Ski Resort in Quebec.

Music career[edit]

Main album: La Garantie (Maurice Paquin) / Y'a Rien Là (Maurice Paquin)