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Maurice Reckitt
Born(1888-05-19)19 May 1888
Beverley, Yorkshire, England
Died1 January 1980(1980-01-01) (aged 91)
Roehampton, London, England

Maurice Benington Reckitt (May 19, 1888 – January 11, 1980) was a leading English Anglo-Catholic and Christian socialist writer. He edited Christendom: A Journal of Christian Sociology from 1931 to 1950.

Earlier he was a supporter of guild socialism and a founder of the National Guilds League. He presented the Scott Holland Memorial Lectures in 1946.

An heir to the Reckitt family fortune, his sister was Eva Collett Reckitt, founder of the left-wing London bookshop Collett's.

Reckitt was a leading player and croquet administrator winning the Men's Championship twice (1935 and 1946). Reckitt was on the Council of the Croquet Association between 1929 and 1975, serving as Chairman (1937 to 1939), Vice President (1962 to 1967) and President (1967 to 1975).[1]

He founded the charity Christendom Trust.[2]


  • The Meaning of National Guilds (1918) with C. E. Bechhofer
  • Faith and Society: Study of the Structure, Outlook and Opportunity of the Christian Social Movement in Great Britain and the United States of America (1932)
  • Religion in Social Action (1937)
  • The Church and the World: Being Materials for the Historical Study of Christian Sociology in two volumes (1938) with Cyril E. Hudson
  • Church and Society in England from 1800 (1940)
  • The Vocation of England (1941) with J. V. Langmead: Casserley
  • As It Happened: an autobiography (1941)
  • Prospect for Christendom: Essays in Catholic Social Reconstruction (Faber and Faber, 1945) editor, with F. N. Davey, V. A. Demant, E. L. Mascall, T. S. Eliot, Philip Mairet, Patrick McLaughlin, T. M. Heron, Ruth Kenyon, David G. Peck, William G. Peck, Charles Smyth, Cyril E. Hudson, Henry Balmforth, Rosalinde Wilton, P. E. T. Widdrington
  • The Christian in Politics (1946)
  • Maurice to Temple: a century of the social movement in the Church of England (Faber and Faber 1946) Holland Lectures 1946
  • G. K. Chesterton: a Christian Prophet for England Today (1950) pamphlet
  • Industry and Democracy (c. 1950) pamphlet
  • The World and the Faith: Essays of a Christian Sociologist (1954)
  • Croquet Today (Macdonald & Co 1954)
  • Militant Here in Earth: Considerations on the prophetic function of the Church in the 20th century (1957)
  • P. E. T. Widdrington: a Study in Vocation and Versatility (1961)
  • For Christ and the People: studies of four socialist priests and prophets of the Church of England between 1870-1930 (1968) editor, with Stephen Yeo, Kenneth Leach, and Robert Woodifield; on Thomas Hancock (1832–1903), Stewart Headlam (1847–1924), Charles Marson (1859–1914), Conrad Noel (1869–1942)
  • Politics and the Faith


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