Mauritian diaspora in the United Kingdom

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Mauritians in the United Kingdom
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Total population
Mauritian-born residents
27,078 (2001 Census)
47,000 (2010 ONS estimate)
Regions with significant populations
Greater London, South East England, East and West Midlands
English, Mauritian Creole, French, Hindi, Urdu
Hinduism, Roman Catholicism, Islam

Mauritian diaspora in the United Kingdom are British people with Mauritian descent, or who were born on Mauritius. In 2001, some 27,078 Mauritian-born people were present in the UK.[1] The Office for National Statistics estimates that there were 47,000 Mauritian-born residents of the UK in 2010 (an increase of around 74%).[2] Up until 1968, Mauritius was under British rule, and the nation remains very closely linked to the UK, hence the UK being a popular destination for Mauritian emigrants.

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