Mauritius Ports Authority

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Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA)
Agency overview
Formed 1988
Type Parastatal
Jurisdiction Government of Mauritius
Headquarters Port Louis, Mauritius
Agency executives
  • Ramalingum Maistry, Chairman
  • Shekur Suntah, Director General

The Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA) is a parastatal organisation in Mauritius, it is the sole regulator and manager of the port and its services.[1]


Functions and duties as a landlord port are to;

  • Provide and improve port infrastructure, superstructure, heavy equipment and related facilities;
  • Provide marine services and navigational aids, and assist in sea rescue;
  • Regulate and control -
1. Shipping, navigation, dredging and other related matters in ports;
2. The entry of vessels in ports, their stay, movements or operations in, and departure from ports, the loading, unloading and storage of cargo and containers and the landing and embarkation of passengers; pollution and protection of the environment within ports, and enhancement of safety and security;
  • Provide for the welfare of employees, and of persons working or living on a vessel in a port;
  • Enter into concession contracts for the provision of port and cargo handling services by qualified and licensed operators under such general terms and conditions as the authority may determine;
  • Promote the use, improvement and development of ports;
  • Exercise licensing, regulating and controlling functions in respect of port and marine services not provided by the authority;
  • Implement government port policies and keep them under review, and advise government on all matters concerning the port sector, its facilities, services and related issues;
  • Regulate and control the development within ports in accordance with approved port master plans, and to be the responsible authority for land use control in the port area with the power to lease land under such terms and conditions as the Authority may determine.

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